Book Report: The Undoing Project

The Undoing Project: A Friendship That Changed Our Minds is written by Michael Lewis, the same author of other books such as Moneyball. This book is a sort of spiritual successor to Moneyball, focusing on the psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky and their work in the area of human decision making. Although a significant part of … Continue reading Book Report: The Undoing Project


My New Dev Laptop: The HP Spectre X360

The Macbook Pro has been a staple of my time as a software developer: it was my desktop replacement and I used it at work and at home. I've used Macbook Pros constantly since 2008. Last year I went on the hunt for a replacement, and landed on the HP Spectre x360. Here's my setup, … Continue reading My New Dev Laptop: The HP Spectre X360

Some resources for XACT

XACT is a audio application used to manage audio for games using the XNA framework. Here are some resources to help you get started.Installing XNA 4.0you may need Visual Studio 2010 express to use it:Visual Studio 2010 install linksMake sure to install the C# express version.After that, try following this tutorial to build XACT projects. 

Installing 3.5 and testing sprite animations

After doing some searching online, it looks like is a common tool people use to create and animate sprites. Here's a small tutorial on how to get some basic sprite sheet testing running.Installing paint.netTo install it, simply go to (be careful about others sites you go to, I end up at a couple of malware … Continue reading Installing 3.5 and testing sprite animations

Adding JSONP to turbogears

from tg import json_encode, response from tg.render import _get_tg_vars def render_jsonp(template_name, template_vars, **kwargs): callback = template_name or kwargs.pop('callback', None) or 'callback' for key in _get_tg_vars(): del template_vars[key] response.headers['Content-Type'] = 'text/javascript' return '%s(%s)' % (template_name, json_encode(template_vars)) from myapp.config.app_cfg import base_config base_config.render_functions['jsonp'] = render_jsonp base_config.mimetype_lookup = {'.jsonp': 'text/javascript'} courtesy of Pederson: